WBC’s 2k title fight: Ramirez v Imam gets the honor

Jose Ramirez and Amir Imam star in the WBC number 2000 world title fight.

Both fighters will clash this weekend for the vacant WBC super lightweight belt at the Theater of Madison Square Garden of New York. The winner will take a commemorative belt to honor the magical two thousandth combat.

Ramirez, has an undefeated record of 21-0.16 KO ”s, against New Yorker Imam, who has a record of 21-1, 18 KO’s.

“It’s the most important fight of my career, and it’s something I’ve always dreamed of, being a world champion, and being in such an important fight, the 2 thousand in the history of the WBC, it’s an honor,” said Ramirez, of Mexican parents. .

“To reach 2 thousand world title fights is something that makes us very excited and happy, there will be also two legends of promotion, namely King and Arum”, commented Mauricio Sulaimán, President of the WBC.