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Home » Exclusive: Mayweather wins or McGregor chooses to get DQ’d – says Horn coach Rushton

Exclusive: Mayweather wins or McGregor chooses to get DQ’d – says Horn coach Rushton

Holding one version of the 147 pound world title could give Mayweather incentive to continue against Horn should he once again break his retirement after defeating the UFC king. Something trainer Glenn Rushton believes you can never rule it out.

“With Mayweather, you should never say never,” Rushton exclusively told World Boxing News.

“If Jeff goes on to beat the best in the division, as we intend to, Floyd just may like to prove he’s still the best. Of course, Jeff and I would welcome the opportunity, as we live and breathe for these challenges.”

On the fight itself, which is expected to break all records before, Rushton added: “A no-brainer. It’s like putting a badminton player against a tennis player – under tennis rules!

“Of course Mayweather wins. But, then again, McGregor may choose to get disqualified – who knows. It reminds me of when I was a kid watching Ali fight Inoki (the wrestler) – a total non-event.

“I don’t like the fight personally, as it doesn’t put boxing in the light I prefer to see it. I believe that the public want to see the best boxers against the best boxers, which is why we will chase the big fights every time.

“That’s what the public deserve. If we keep giving the public the very best fights, boxing will once again dominate the headlines all over the world.”

Giving his final prediction, Rushton said: “Mayweather on points. I’m not sure he’ll engage for long enough to KO McGregor, who is obviously very tough.

“Mayweather is a brilliant defensive boxer – the ultimate risk manager – and as an investment manager, I know a lot about managing risk,” he pointed out.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay