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Home » Peter Fury gives his take on Tyson Fury’s retirement comments

Peter Fury gives his take on Tyson Fury’s retirement comments

The 28 year-old firstly criticised Peter and promoter Mick Hennessy for spending time in arch-rival David Haye’s gym before posting his retirement message on Instagram a short time later.

Despite what may be a fourth ‘The End’ promise from Tyson, Peter is unsure whether the ‘Gypsy King’ has left his final mark on the sport.

“Tyson is Tyson. He has gone through some bad patches and some negativity does creep in but I am sure he will be ok,” Fury told talkSPORT.

“You never know what tomorrow brings with Tyson.

“I think when you have got a little bit of depression, and stuff like that, you have to be around positive energy and positive people.

“He needs to sit back and realise about the people that have been there and really care about him rather than people whistling all kinds of crap down his earhole.”

Peter went on : “You need that desire there. What Tyson did was not really appreciated that much.

“From what he achieved over there he feels like his performance was downbeated in some respects but, ultimately, has he achieved what he really wants to achieve and he hasn’t got that desire there anymore?

“Is it negativity, is it depression? Whatever it is he should be really happy with his achievements,” he concluded.

Fury is fast approaching two years without a fight since dethroning Wladimir Klitschko and has all manner of barriers stopping him from making a comeback.

A failed drug test with the UK Anti-Doping Agency and a British Board licensing issue are not being resolved until October, at the earliest, leaving Fury struggling for motivation in the gym.

Two return annoucements, firstly for May and secondly for July have fallen apart due to the BBBofC’s decision to delay a hearing and Fury is clearing frustrated by the continued stalling of his career.