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Daniel Franco on his feet, begins walking aided during therapy

The 25 year-old suffered life-changing injuries during his final bout against Jose Haro almost a month ago and has so far climbed a mountain with his recovery.

Father Al Franco said the following on Tuesday: “Therapy for Daniel is going well. He is walking with a walker now with a nurse assisting him at times but he’s up on his feet. Please keep him in your prayers.”

A previous post dated two days ago pointed out that ‘Twitch’ was getting better with each passing day, which is all anybody could wish for at this stage.

“Daniel only had two sessions and both with his speech therapist,” revealed Al.

“He is doing better and improving in every way everyday. I slept in his room last night and early this morning he called out pops at around two in the morning so I get up to check up on him and all he said was, ‘I love you dad.’

“So thankful for all your prayers.”

Franco underwent emergency surgery for a double bleed on the brain, injurues that could well have killed the young prospect, who is now fighting back in his usual way.

The Go Fund Me page set up by Al has already surpassed $45,000 when the original target was just $1,000 towards Franco’s treatment.

To donate to the Daniel ‘Twitch’ Franco fund click here