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Logan Yoon tipped for big things ahead of third pro bout

Yoon is considered by some to be the next big thing in the sport of boxing, but his venture into the sport at eight years old was something of an accident.

“I was supposed to play football with my dad, but I was too small,” Yoon recalled. “One of his football players parents was a boxing coach, Richard Villaver. We tried that out, went over there, and from there on it took off all the way until now.”

In a twist of irony, the McKinley High School graduate was too small to play football, so instead he became nearly unbeatable in the boxing ring.

“Every tournament he entered he went to the finals, the semifinals, so we’re doing something good here,” said Logan’s dad and coach George. “Let’s see where it takes us.”

Yoon put together a decorated amateur career that included eight Hawaii state championships, even more national championships and a junior Olympic bronze medal. But it wasn’t always easy.

“The beginning sucked, sparring every day. I’d be crying before I even got into the ring,” said Logan. “After a little while, my dad started training me personally. From me and him training, it just took off.”

The father and son duo completely bought in. George even turned one of their Moilili apartment bedrooms into a full-time training gym.

“He shows up for sparring and they have no idea we’re training out of a room that’s 10 feet by 12 feet, but when he steps in the ring they don’t see nothing,” said George. “They think we’re at a top facility somewhere.”

“It’s one of the best things ever,” Logan said of the environment built by his father. “I can’t beat it. I can’t ask for anything more. I love this more than going to the gym. I’m by myself with my father, and I just can’t ask for anything more.”

A bond and a partnership that led to Logan being highly sought after and turning pro at 17. He’s been called the next Pacquaio. After a 2-0 start to his professional career, Yoon has his sights set on becoming the youngest world champion ever, all while disseminating his message.

“The number one priority is to spread the word of God out. No matter what I do, I always give thanks to him, and I just want to make a name for myself.”

The road to the top for Yoon continues with a 10-round fight Tuesday in Monterrey, Mexico.