Uzcategui makes criminal complaint against attacker Lawson, seeks immediate Dirrell rematch

Highly-ranked Jose ‘Bolivita’ Uzcategui looking for justice both sports and civilian after being the subject of two painful actions in the ring last Saturday in Maryland.

Mexico-based international promoter Zanfer have announced they will support Uzcategui in a bid to secure the ultimate consequences in seeking to safeguard their welfare.

CEO of promotions Zanfer, and considered the best Mexican boxing promoter in history – Fernando Beltran Rendon, accompanied by boxing advisor Jorge Salom and the Venezuelan boxer who is a resident of Tijuana, explained the status of sports and criminal proceedings from last weekend that have begun with the International Boxing Federation and US police.

All are waiting to have positive results.

Uzcategui was disqualified unfairly in his fight for the interim IBF super middleweight title against Andre Dirrell after the referee Bill Clancy considered he hit after the bell. Clancy also told the US boxer if he stayed down he would have no choice but to disqualify his rival.

Amazingly, Uzcategui was then attacked by the cowardly and premeditated Leon Lawson, Dirrell ‘s uncle and trainer, which has now resulted in a criminal complaint.

Fernando Beltrán said Zanfer are taking charge of bringing criminal and sporting processes.

“The first thing we did was get him to a hospital to rule out any type of injury after this act as cowardly by the uncle of Dirrell. Then we went to raise the complaint and American lawyers were hired to represent him and see this out to the end,” said promoter Beltran.

What is sought is that criminal proceedings will come to punish the uncle of Dirrell for hitting the Venezuelan boxer.

On the sports side, the IBF was asked to order a direct rematch for the super middleweight interim belt between Dirrell and Uzcategui, who the latter has said he is the uncrowned champion.