Look: WBC unveil awesome Mexico Belt for Canelo v Chavez Jr. winner

The wait was finally over and the historic piece that will represent Mexico was finally unveiled by its creator, Huichol artist, Luis de la Cruz, Mr. Andres Martinez Director of Marketing and Public Relations of Interjet and the president of the WBC, Mr. Mauricio Sulaiman.

The official ceremony took place at the hangar # 1 of Interjet located in the airport of Toluca, State of Mexico.

This unique piece of art, will give a new meaning to our sport, as the WBC President mentioned, Mauricio Sulaiman, this is a symbolic belt in honor of Mexico and what boxing represents for our country.

More than 400 hours were required to create this multicolored piece that has an ancestral value, because inside it lays the ancestral heritage of an entire culture.

Luis de la Cruz, expressed the satisfaction and pride of being able to weave his knowledge and transmit the message of his ancestors into a sports “trophy”.

He commented that the main elements of the culture are inside the belt and they emphasize the meaning of the four sacred points, that is to say the cardinal points.

“I am proud to have been chosen to create this belt, I feel like a champion,” he said, adding: “For me this belt is the heart of the World!”

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman expressed the satisfaction of being able to recognize the greatness of Mexico through this belt that bears the name of the man who was instrumental in creating this worldwide boxing body, “Don Adolfo López Mateos.” He recalled that the great boxing fights have been held in the most important dates for our country, on May 5 and September 15, and that now this celebrations will have a new meaning.

Mauricio especially thanked Interjet, the Mexican Flight company that has turned its eyes to this sport, to push it to all corners of the world.

He also commented that the Huichol art belt will travel to Las Vegas to be exhibited as a work of art; But that it will be presented in Mexico City by Juliana Sola, the granddaughter of Don Adolfo to the winner of Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Saul Alvarez.

Mauricio also said: “This belt is unique and cannot be replicated. It is a design which comes directly from the Huichol heritage. It is magnificent.”

The artist, Fernando Montilla emphasized the artistic value of this work, which, as he himself mentioned, is invaluable, since in each of his designs the meaning of culture, traditions and, more importantly, it is included.

He was grateful for the opportunity that the World Boxing Council and Interjet gave to Luis to be able to send this message to the entire world and thus to present a culture that has remained intact over time.