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Home » Coach Sanchez says Golovkin is yet to hit anyone at 100% power

Coach Sanchez says Golovkin is yet to hit anyone at 100% power

‘GGG’ takes on mandatory challenger Daniel Jacobs this weekend in a bid to rubberstamp his position as the top guy at 160 pounds and Sanchez knows first-hand the devastating power his fighter possesses.

“In forty years, I have never had a fighter that hits as hard as Gennady but I am fortunate that he doesn’t hit me as hard as he can and as hard as he has hit someone in a fight,” said Sanchez.

“I have seen him hit someone 100% with protection on but I have never seen him hit someone 100% in a fight. He hits very hard and I feel it at night when I go to bed. My shoulder hurts but that is part of the job. On that particular video that you saw – it was taken in Santa Monica and I just had him hit the round pad and it was just a couple of rounds. It does hurt and I feel for the guys that catch it in the ring with small gloves and wraps – but that’s part of his business.

“It is fortunate that I have a guy that fights with dramatic endings and fights dramatic rounds and I am glad to be part of it.”

On facing a big test in Jacobs, Sanchez added: “I think that all of these fighters like Kovalev and Andre and Gennady – they need a challenge. Not just a physical challenge but also a mental challenge and he presents that for us. He is the first guy in a while since maybe Lemieux and Stevens that got Gennady fired up. Not that he trains any harder because he trains hard for all of his fights, but mentally motivated to have a guy across from you that is going to be a great challenge that could outbox him and we’ll see what happens. He has good power, so does Gennady, and we’ll see who can impose their will on the other guy. That’s what makes these fighters fight at their best and the kinds of fights that people will remember for years.

“We are looking to start the year off great with Gennady and hopefully fight three or four times in the year. We have had very good sparring – with David Benavidez and John Jackson. We have had no issues and hopefully everything goes good and we have a great fight on the March 18th.”