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Home » Boasting a more sinister persona, David Haye promises Tony Bellew he’s in for a world of hurt

Boasting a more sinister persona, David Haye promises Tony Bellew he’s in for a world of hurt

The 36 year-old, looking in superb condition at the final press conference, plans to toy with the WBC cruiserweight title holder for as long as he wants before taking him out once he’s good and ready.

“He’s made things personal so if he wants to do that I will make sure he never ever does that again,” said Haye.

“I hope he keeps getting up. I hope he has a big heart like he says and I hope your little rat coach (Dave Coldwell) doesn’t throw the towel in.

“I am 100 per cent fit as much as any fighter in the ring. I feel better than I’ve ever felt.

“I’ve not trained for him, I’ve trained for someone much better than him. I hope he comes in improved as I could do with going 10 or 12 rounds. I hope he brings his A-game.

“I’m legally allowed to inflict as much punishment as a I can for 36 minutes. It’s not going to be a one-punch knockout. I really hope you keep getting up like you say you will.

“But my gut instinct tells me I will just go over there and with the first one, stun him, then the second, third or fourth, finish him off.

“I can’t see it going any other way,” he added.

Asked whether he’ll give Bellew his respect after the fight, Haye replied: “He will have to do something really impressive in the ring for me to respect.

“Respect is earned. You don’t just get it. He is not a heavyweight and he doesn’t deserve my respect – and he won’t if it goes the way I think it will.

“Unless he has had a brain transplant, a body transplant and has got a new chin, he will get knocked out early… really early.”

On Bellew’s previous win over Haye’s pal and training partner BJ Flores, the Londoner stated: “I am prepared for your rough tactics and low blows – like you did against my friend and I will get revenge for my friend.

“And actually, I might go out clubbing tonight.”