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Katsidis unimpressed by King’s pre-fight trash talk

King made the statement last week – “I think I’ve got the power to stop him and beat him pretty convincingly.

“Every fighter makes statements like that before a fight, it’s often a different story when they step between the ropes,” Katsidis said.

“Josh is probably trying to convince himself of that statement.

“Josh is a great fighter and I respect him as a boxer so he’s entitled to say what he likes.

“In a 38 fight career, I’ve only been stopped three times, two of those three should never of happened – Tommy Coyle and Joel Casamayor.

“The third was against Juan Manuel Marquez.

“Marquez and Casamayor both had to climb off the canvas to claim victory.

“Can Josh King do the same?

“It’s a bold statement to make by Josh, he might later regret ever saying it.”

The anticipation of this all Aussie showdown is building. Both fighters – while not looking beyond each other – have a burning desire to take on the World.

One name that has sparked Katsidis is Jeff Horn.

“In all due respect to Jeff Horn, seriously has this bloke earned the right to be calling out the likes of Manny Pacquaio?

“Who does he think he is filming videos of himself waving around one hundred dollar bills trying to bait Manny.

“I’ve been in the big league, I know what it’s like to play with the big boys, I know exactly what some one like Manny Pacquaio would think of Jeff Horn’s skit.

“Jeff is a good young fighter trying to take the next step I understand and respect that.

“But wow…

“Let me give Jeff some advice, forget about waving around one hundred dollar bills and get out there and earn the right to be considered among the elite.

“That’s what I did and there was no gimmicks along the way.

“While you’re using your hands to wave money around in self made videos – at the same time in my career I was using my hands knocking people out and earning my shot.

“I was 21-0 and had to go England, walk into some one else’s back yard to win the title, then I went to the USA and earned my shot again.

“I earned the opportunity to be main eventing on HBO in front of packed houses at the MGM against the likes of Juan Manuel Marquez, Joel Casamayor, Robert Guerrero, Jesus Chavez, Vincente Escobedo and the list goes on.

“Did I ever shoot a self made video to get the attention of Juan Manuel Marquez?

“No I didn’t, I earned it – I put myself in a position where Marquez had to fight me as the television giants and the World wanted it.

“That’s how you earn something.

“You seem to think Manny Pacquaio owes you something?

“I’ve sat back and watch this roll on and on – time to get realistic

“Earn your shot.”

Horn’s potential Brisbane showdown with Pacquaiao appears to be unlikely with the Filipino superstar announcing his next bout will be with Amir Khan.

“I’ve got another idea for Jeff – and it’s realistic,” Katsidis said.

“You now need an opponent seeing Pacquaiao is out of the equation.

“After I’m done with Josh King I’ll happily step into the ring with you and give you a chance to earn your stripes.

“Chase a realistic option.

“I’m right here.

“You’re supposed to be the man to follow in my footsteps and be the next Australian to win a World title.

“Before you try and follow in my footsteps, try step through my footsteps.

“And i’ll save you some time you don’t need to dress up in a suit and wave around money and make a self made video to get my attention.

“If you need a fight to draw a big crowd in Brisbane I’m the one, but I can’t guarantee you a future fight with Manny after we meet.”

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