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Home » Pictured: Both scale light as Washington tops Wilder by 17lbs

Pictured: Both scale light as Washington tops Wilder by 17lbs

Washington tipped the scales at a recent average of 239 pounds for his first world title fight, whilst Wilder came in a 222 pounds, his lightest since being a challenger himself against Bermane Stiverne in 2015.

Prior to their fight, Wilder said: “When I get in the ring I am the Bronze Bomber. And the Bronze Bomber, he is a different person. I am glad I am so happy that I can change between the Bronze Bomber and Deontay Wilder. Some people can’t.

“If Bronze Bomber got loose in the streets it won’t be something nice. When I am in the ring all I think about is knocking my opponent’s head off. Getting him out of there. Hurting him. Putting pain to him. I will have no mercy. I will have no pity.

“Until I knock him out or do what I got to do that’s when I feel sympathy for my fighters because, I know they have a family. I know there is somebody’s son or sometimes be the father. I understand that. I am a family person as well too.

wilder hafey weight

“But they are in front of me on their feet it is a different story. And I have been mentally, I am always mentally strong over all these fighters. I really feel that I can’t be beat. That is just the mentality I have.

“Knowing that every man can be beat we are not immortal. Nobody is God but that is just the mentality I bring in the ring that I am the lion of this jungle. I call the ring the jungle. I am the king of it.

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“And I approach myself accordingly like that. I am very vicious in the ring. I am a savage in the ring. I have no remorse for fighters in the ring. I really do that because this is the hurt business. You are trying to do the same thing to me what I am trying to do to him. And that is win.

“And when it is winning you do whatever it takes. By all means necessary to win. And that is what I go in there too.

“So it is a lot of things I could say but overall I think my mental state of mind. I think my mental state of mind is always stronger.”