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Home » Arum: Pacquiao-Khan has weekend deadline to make April 22 date

Arum: Pacquiao-Khan has weekend deadline to make April 22 date

Pacquiao has chosen Khan over Australia’s Jeff Horn for a potential bout in the United Aram Emirates, despite an initial agreement, although Arum hasn’t given up on a fight still taking place down under.

“It’s not a question of moving on,” Arum told Ring “If these people come up with $38 million, he’s going to that deal. I would recommend for him to go for that deal and I would go over and run the show.

“As far as Manny is concerned, he hopes that this is real as they’ve been after Manny for him to fight in the Mideast for years. I think Michael (Koncz, Pacquiao’s advisor) is a little more skeptical and I’m way more skeptical,” Arum continued. “But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to cooperate with Manny to see whether or not this is real.”


On a deadline to reach what was an April date for Pacquiao’s return, Arum said a delay is probable should Khan need more time to negotiate.

“I guess if it gets done this weekend, it will be April 22,” he said. “But if it doesn’t and then we have to go an alternate date then it might be June or July.

“If the Khan fight doesn’t happen and we shift the date, he might end up fighting Horn in Australia. It’s all in a state of flux,” stated Arum.