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Home » Frank Warren backs Hughie Fury to shock Joseph Parker, unsure where the fight will take place

Frank Warren backs Hughie Fury to shock Joseph Parker, unsure where the fight will take place

The WBO confirmed the date and venue on the day the purse bid took place earlier this week, although Warren believes the fight is not that cut and dried.

In a Q and A, Warren gave the following responses….

Q: You lost a purse bid, what do you make of that?

Frank Warren – Hughie Fury’s promoter: “Yes I was a bit disappointed to lose that but we only had 40 percent of the purse bid to play with and they had 60 and the champion and we got done by 200K so we just lost it but it’s a great payday for Hughie, he’s getting nearly a million quid so I think we’ve done well with him. We got him into the position where he became the mandatory challenger and most purse bids are 80/20 or 75/25 and we got 60/40 split for him so he’s done really well out of it.”

Q: The Proposed place is Auckland on April 1st. Do you think both those will stay as it is?

Frank Warren – Hughie Fury’s promoter: “I don’t know, I was reading somewhere they were talking about Singapore but I don’t know at the moment. I don’t know where it’s going to be but wherever it is, I think Hughie’s got a great chance, wherever the fight takes place. Hughie’s a good fighter, he’s well schooled. He’s had great preparation since he was the world junior amateur champion. He’s had great schooling working all the time with Tyson who has obviously become world champion, sparring with him, working with him, and also working with the sparring opponents that Tyson’s had so he’s had real good schooling and I think his dad’s a really good trainer.

“Peter’s done a fantastic job with Tyson and I’m quite sure Hughie has the tools to win this fight, to win this world title. The only thing he’ll have against him is a little bit of inexperience as such but having said that I think when he goes into that fight it’s a 50/50 fight.”