McGregor forms own promotional company, says Mayweather fight ‘doesn’t really involve UFC’

Fathom / UFC

Conor McGregor could attempt to finalize a deal with Floyd Mayweather without UFC boss Dana White having any say in the negotiation process.

The two-weight UFC champion has given White yet another kick in the teeth by starting up his own promotional company in a bid to keep the lion’s share of money he makes from a lucrative cross-codes clash with Mayweather.

“With the Ali Act I believe we could put it together without the UFC,” said McGregor.

“I believe I can make this fight without the UFC, but I think it’s smoother if we’re all involved. Everyone’s got to know their place. There’s Mayweather promotions, there’s the UFC and now there’s the newly-formed McGregor Promotions!

“If they let people fight in jiu-jitsu tournaments, they can let me box. Right now, there’s something humongous that needs to be done and it doesn’t really involve them, even though they think it does. We’re getting there. It’s closing on it. This is the first billion-dollar fight!”

On the fight itself and his chances of pulling off what would be a massive upset, McGregor added: “It’s the fight I want. I’ve got the reach. I’ve got the youth. You can’t prepare for a style like me. I can’t wait until we get a date and go. Let’s get this done.”

Mayweather confirmed his involvement in making one of the biggest fights of all time – financially, for the coming year as another $100 million plus paycheck is on the cards.

‘Money’ made a huge sum from his 2015 bout with Manny Pacquiao, but with a rematch with the Filipino ruled out, Mayweather turned to Pay-Per-View record-breaker McGregor for his 50th professional contest.