Pacquiao for Mayweather? ‘Forget it’ as McGregor is ‘a sure thing’

Welterweight stars Mayweather and Pacquiao underachieved in their first meeting back in May 2015 despite both making a hefty sum from the most lucrative Pay-Per-View event of all time.

Although fans are dubious about paying another $99.95 for a second helping, the general consensus is that ‘MayPac’ could only get better – although Arum has given up on ever securing Mayweather to fight Pacquiao again.

Instead, Arum is focusing all his efforts on an end of year retirement extravaganza against Terence Crawford before Pacquiao finally hangs up his gloves for good on the back of an amazing career.

“It’s a very good turn,” Arum told The LA Times regarding a fight with Crawford. “As far as Mayweather, forget it, he’s retired.

“But where Crawford is concerned, he could be the final opponent.”

Mayweather has so far resisted urges to return to the ring for a record-breaking 50th fight following his retirement in September 2015 but has been linked to cross-codes bout with MMA star Conor McGregor.

According to a Las Vegas Review Journal ‘source’, Mayweather v McGregor is too lucrative a fight not to go ahead at some point in the future.

“It’s a sure thing. There’s too much money on the table not to do it. (Plus) It would be the biggest fight of all time,” said the Review’s insider.

McGregor is on sabbatical from UFC as he prepares to become a father for the first time, whilst the Irishman is also under contract to Dana White for at least a couple more contests.

The money involved in a Mayweather v McGregor fight should provide White severals reasons to allow his star champion to take the opportunity for what could certainly challenge the Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya fights in terms of PPV sales.