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Home » Mayweather, McGregor criticized by Rousey over money fixation

Mayweather, McGregor criticized by Rousey over money fixation

Ronda Rousey, who returns to action this Friday at UFC 207, has complained about the way Mayweather and current fellow-Ultimate Fighting star Conor McGregor have been mentioning the possibility of a cross-codes bout. 

Sums hitting nine-figures are being thrown around should Mayweather and McGregor decide to trade blows in a Boxing v UFC encounter, something Rousey has not been impressed with.

“If money is the motivation then f*** that,” Rousey told ESPN.

“All these Money people… Money [Floyd] Mayweather, Money [Conor] McGregor. I see they’re trying to do an angle or whatever. People buy it.

“The worship of money is our society is so deep. But just because that’s the easiest way to keep people’s attention or entertain them doesn’t mean that’s the right way.”

As Rousey took a break to crack Hollywood on the back of losing to Holly Holm in devastating fashion, McGregor has since been thrust into the spotlight in the 29 year-old’s place.

“Conor gave me the chance to rest, he took the weight off my shoulders, and I am grateful,” she stated.

“I will never put my body at risk for money and views ever again. What makes me happy is winning and being the best in the world and that’s it.”

Mayweather, 39, is consistently linked to a comeback following retirement in September 2015, although a fight with McGregor still seems a long way off coming to fruition.