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Exclusive: Deontay Wilder ‘means business’ in 2017 after missing out on big fights

The recently-turned 31 year-old could have been in the running to face Anthony Joshua or Wladimir Klitschko in December if ailments suffered against Chris Arreola weren’t as serious as they were and admits to being disheartened by missed chances.

“I just had this conversation with my manager as it seems like am always missing out on the big fights,” Wilder exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I’m always optimistic about a lot of situations that I go through and the only thing that I can get out of these situations of me missing so many great opportunities is that God Is allowing everybody else to eat right now.

“He’s allowing everybody to make their money because soon I will unify the division. Once I unify the division am not going anywhere anytime soon, so we going to let everybody eat we going to let everybody get their money right now because, in the end, Deontay Wilder will be coming. And when he does he going to unify and all the belts, so there’ll be one person, one name and one face at the top and that’s Deontay Wilder.”

‘The Bronze Bomber’ recently opened up to WBN about the demise of future target Tyson Fury but will turn his attention to any fighter holding a title belt when Wilder eventually gets back to action in the New Year.

“In 2017 I mean business with however it is as it’s just about that time,” he said. “Like I said before, I missed out on all the big fights this year and it’s about that time they come to Deontay Wilder.

“People are always going to say this and say that (about who I fight) but I think that no matter who I beat I am always going to get criticized for the work that I do. A lot of people forget that I started this sport late and I have made it all the way to where I am now, so with that being said, I will love beating any of them (the other champions) – anyone who is at the top.

“A lot of people don’t do their homework about the people I fight as they will see that most of the guys I fight they are in the top 10, some even higher than that. I suppose it’s just the way that I beat guys that people don’t understand. I train hard for each fight so when I go in there it looks easy. Looking easy and it being easy when you’re doing it are two different things.

“I realize people want to see a slug fest and they want to see you take a hit and the other guy take a hit, yeah, and they want to see rock ‘em, sock ‘em robots in there just bashing people out. That’s not my plan and it’s not my goal to go in there and show you how tough I am. We can’t just battle it out, because you know I got kids I got to live for. I still got my health and I must keep that up.”

Asked about taking shots against Artur Szpilka and Johann Duhaupas in entertaining bouts prior to the Arreola fight, Wilder joked: “Most defiantly as every now and again you have a little fun!

“But I get back to priorities, though. I never stay in that mode I always get back to my priorities and the plan for the fight and that’s to win. When my career is over with, I want to have the right sense of mind. I want to be able to speak well and be able to think. Especially when we’re dealing with business.

“When I retire I don’t want to come back because of money problems. I want to retire on top as a champion and never look back again. Who knows, maybe motivate and encourage other fighters to become a champion?

“That’s my plan and everything is good right now. I can’t wait for the new year and I can’t wait to thill with the return of Deontay Wilder,” he added.