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Home » Charlie Edwards vows to return stronger following world title loss

Charlie Edwards vows to return stronger following world title loss

The Surrey man just couldn’t keep the bigger, stronger champion off him long enough to gain a foothold in the fight and was taken out in the tenth round at the O2 Arena with a brutal shot.

“I thought it was a close fight, some of the rounds were very close. He’s a great fighter, it just wasn’t my day and I’ll learn a lot from that, I’ll get back in the gym and work hard to get back into this position again soon. He’s a top drawer fighter, punches really hard and relentlessly – he did his last opponent in 4 rounds and I went ten with him, so that says a lot about my toughness. I think I won a fair share of rounds in there and I will come back stronger from this,” said Edwards.

“I’m destined to become a World champion and this hasn’t changed that belief, I know I’m going to do it and my performance has shown that. He is very clever as well has the hardest hitter I’ve ever faced for sure. He was brutal with his punch power but clever with it too, when the dust settles I know I’ll reflect on a great experience and take a lot from it.

“I didn’t feel I was out of my league in there, it was a close fight. I got caught, it can happen, and at this level the punches can be finishers. I’ll train twice as hard and I’ve had a taste of this level in just nine fights and at Flyweight the opportunities are few and far between and I am glad I took it, it’s going to serve me well. It was a risk, I gave it my all and it wasn’t my day but it will be in the future.

“I was trying to move away from his rights but his footwork was clever. I thought I moved nice and jabbed well, but he was a great fighter tonight and deserved the win.

“I can’t remember the shot that caught me – the team were telling me they couldn’t believe I got up from it. I walked into one and he’s a big puncher. I used my brain and took a knee but it wasn’t enough.

“I’m only 23 and I’ve boxed for a World title in my ninth fight. I will make sure I do it next time. He’s a great champion.”