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Home » Arum wants Top Rank v Al Haymon fights, sets up Showtime meeting

Arum wants Top Rank v Al Haymon fights, sets up Showtime meeting

Things seem to have taken a sour turn since HBO passed on showing Manny Pacquiao’s comeback fight against Jessie Vargas on November 5 and Arum aims to make sure similar doesn’t happen to Vasyl Lomachenko due to a lack of cash.

Arum hopes to set up future fights with Al Haymon’s Premier Boxing Champion’s stable on Showtime and could potentially take his biggest names away from HBO in a bid to do so.

“We have a meeting to discuss Lomachenko with Showtime,” Arum told’s Mitch Abramson.

“As far as HBO is concerned, they could do (his next fight) but they got no money. It’s not only Lomachenko — it’s Tim Bradley, it’s Terence Crawford. We’re going to bring up all of our fighters.”

One of those names would be Timothy Bradley, who is on the lookout for a new challenge at 147 pounds and Showtime have any number of options available for Arum to consider.

“Al Haymon has a whole group of terrific fighters, welterweights that we can match with Bradley,” said Arum. “Garcia, Thurman, Porter (are options for Bradley). And Crawford — look at all the great fights we could make with Crawford.

“HBO has been a good partner of ours, but if they don’t have money they don’t have money. If they have a budget situation where they can’t come up with money for fights — I understand that and we as a company can live through that.

“But these fighters have limited careers. You can’t tell a fighter they can’t fight because one network doesn’t have any money. They would tell you, ‘Well, go see a network that does have money.’”