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Home » Manager Coldwell begins season with Appleyard test this weekend

Manager Coldwell begins season with Appleyard test this weekend

With a busy schedule expected over the coming months, Coldwell is excited for the fights to kick off again and is confident that Appleyard can give him a great start.

“It’ll be good to get going again and Lee Appleyard’s fights is a good way to start as he’s an exciting kid who provides plenty of action and this is a fight that can hopefully be a platform for him,” said Coldwell.

“I’ve seen Lee in previous interviews saying that this fight can land bigger ones for him and title class is where he’s desperate to be and that’s what we’re hoping to do for him but we’ve got to take it one step at a time and not look too far ahead. The immediate focus has to be on Chris Conwell and if Lee can overcome that threat then we’ll have a chat and see where we go next. It’s good to see he’s hungry for belts and opportunities but he’s got to do it one fight at a time.”

Coldwell added, “Lee has to go in there and concentrate on the job and I’m confident his team will come up with the right plan to get the job done. Everyone knows the type of manager I am when it comes to this sport and it was the same when I was promoting lads too.

“I’m happy to test my guys if I think they can learn from it and a loss should never mean the end of the world. Both Lee and Chris deserve credit for taking on each other and the winner is hopefully in line for more opportunities in the not too distant future.

“This is a cracking fight on what should be a cracking show and I’m looking forward to hearing the first bell.”