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‘Tough to make prognosis’ following Jose Benavidez Jr. hospital release

The 24 year-old was struck in the leg and the finger, according to reports from the local area, by a suspect who approached him when walking his dog. Benavidez was rushed to receive medical treatment, with the early diagnosis being that the ailment wasn’t life threatening.

Benavidez was allowed home after just two days and Moretti said it’s too early to say what the future holds for the talented Top Rank fighter.

“Jose Benavidez Jr. was released from hospital Thursday, other than that, there’s not really anything I can add,” Moretti told World Boxing News.

Asked whether Benavidez’s career was in any doubt, Moretti added: “It’s tough to make any prognosis at this time.”

‘Merciless’ has put together an impressive 25-0 record since turning professional in 2010 and can boast victories over the likes of Mauricio Herrera and Jorge Paez Jr.

More recently, Benavidez defeated Francisco Santana on the Terence Crawford v Viktor Postol undercard and was closing in on a potential world title shot before the incident took place last week.

The shooter involved remains on the run as Arizona Police continue their manhunt.