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Home » Coldwell backs Price to shine, believes Molina fight makes sense

Coldwell backs Price to shine, believes Molina fight makes sense

The popular Liverpool man is taking massive strides at Coldwell’s Rotherham gym and the Sheffield multi-tasker is desperate for his man to continue his momentum and make a quick return to the lofty heights he occupied just a couple of years ago.

A rumoured match up against Eric Molina has been mooted and Coldwell believes that is the type of test required to get Price on the radar of the world’s leading heavyweights and he’s hopeful that it’s a match that can be made imminently.

“Ever since he stepped foot in this gym he’s been nothing but hungry and professional,” enthused Coldwell. “He’s someone I’d always admired,a big heavyweight with huge advantages and massive power, and after working so closely with for the last couple of months I’m convinced that he has a big part to play in the heavyweight division because he’s got such a huge desire and we just need to put everything together.

“We need to get him a meaningful fight so he can make his way back into the business end of the world rankings and Eric Molina is someone I think can definitely do that. He’s a solid test just on the outside of the top ten so an impressive win over him is one that can open doors towards the Anthony Joshua’s of the world.”

Coldwell went on, “Believe me when I say this, I wouldn’t be training David if I didn’t believe that he could one day be the man at heavyweight. He’s took his bumps and it’d be very easy for him to walk away from this sport and be happy with what he’s accomplished but he’s never once considered that because he knows what I know.

“There’s so much take to and there’s so much power in Pricey and if we can make the correct adjustments then he can have some fantastic nights ahead of him. I believe in him and now we just need the fights to justify that belief.”