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Home » Ryabinksy: Another WADA confirmation says Povetkin is clean

Ryabinksy: Another WADA confirmation says Povetkin is clean

The World Boxing Council opened an investigation against Povetkin for a positive Meldonium test just nine days before the Russian was due to meet Deontay Wilder for the famous green strap in Russia. 

Povetkin has always protested his innocence over the matter and Ryabinsky is now sure the former WBA title holder will be freed to continue with his mandatory challenge against the American later this year. 

As Meldonium – recently classified as a performance enhancer, was introduced to the WADA prohibited list from 1 January 2016, certain levels are allowed in the system until October 1 this year. 

Ryabinsky says WADA have confirmed that Povetkin was inside these levels and is awaiting a final ruling from the WBC following a meeting this week.

At the time of March 1, Meldonium content in the body of an athlete cannot be more than five micrograms and only one microgram in three months’ time. If this is the case, as Ryabinsky claims, Povetkin should be exempt from liability.

As of the October deadline, any Meldonium found in an athlete’s sample would be considered a complete fail.