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Home » Andy Harris vows to end winless run on July 23 in Tewkesbury

Andy Harris vows to end winless run on July 23 in Tewkesbury

The Gloucester lightweight has spent much of his career on the road but is fighting closer to home as he supports Tewksbury’s Adam Harper, who tops the bill at Tewksbury School on Western Country Promotions’ ‘There’s A Storm Coming’.

“I am definitely looking for the win in this fight,” Harris told “I go in to every fight looking for a win and if I didn’t then I wouldn’t do it. I train hard and there is no reason why I can’t get the result this time round. John and I always go in there with a good game-plan and I am fit and strong and there is no reason why I can’t win. I see this as a big opportunity to end the winless run. It’s approaching three years without a win but going on the road each time makes it difficult.

“The fight is quite local for me so it will be nice. Usually I am up in places like Sheffield and London so it will be great to be closer to home and to take my fans to support me. I am used to coming in to ‘boos’ and I know it is all a pantomime but the fans will give me a lift and it would be brilliant to get a win for them.

“A win would be a massive boost for my confidence and I will give it my all and take it from there. I can’t see why I won’t win. I am happy to face anyone because I have been in with all styles so I am not fazed who it will be and I believe I will win whoever it is. “

‘Thunder’ has faced a ‘who’s Who’ of boxing during his 38-fight career, including Olympic Gold Medallist and Commonwealth Lightweight Champion, Luke Campbell. The 33 year-old admits that stepping in with that calibre of fighter gives him the confidence to take on anyone.

“I was disappointed with the way the fight went against Luke and it dropped my confidence a bit. A first round stoppage isn’t nice for anyone especially when it was such a big occasion. I wanted to get in the fight a bit more and cause him some problems at least but it didn’t work out like that. But I am sure he will go on to be the best in the world so that gives me massive confidence to think I shared the ring with someone like that. They want me in there for a reason and I have a lot to offer. I have been in the ring with quality and I have been there and witnessed it all so there is nothing new that could shock me now.

“My training is spot on for this fight. I am always in the gym and I love it so I am always ready to fight.I box quite regularly so I am always in good shape. My trainer John Pitman always puts a lot of effort in to me and I can’t thank him enough for getting me ready like he always does. My sponsors don’t get enough credit for how much they help me so I want to thank Powerflex Nutrition, The Goldman Gloucester, Illmind Apparel and Planet Logistics.

“I am even more motivated now than when I started the sport. I am back in the gym more now than I used to be and I am doing more training. I love the sport and I have been in the ring a lot of times so I know how hard it is and what to expect. I love what I do and hopefully this time it will end in a win.”

As well as Harper and Harris, ‘There’s A Storm Coming’ also features unbeaten lightweight duo Gloucester’s Akeem Ennis-Brown and Old Hill’s Manny Zaber,

Tickets, priced at £50 VIP and £30 unreserved standard, are available by calling 07772 466 790.