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Scott Quigg return pushed back following jaw complications

Plates inserted into the 27 year-old’s mouth on the back of a break suffered during his fight with Carl Frampton in February are causing concern and doctors want to put it right, Quigg explained to BBC Radio 5 Live.

“I’ve had a bit of a bad reaction to the plates being in, that’s why I’ve got to have them out,” he told the show.

“Once they’re out, hopefully my mouth settles down and then it’s another month and a half and I’ll be back in the gym and able to spar.

“I’ve got two lumps that started to grow on the inside of my gum and that’s through a reaction to the plates being in.”

quigg jaw

Quigg also addressed the passing of ‘The Greatest’ Muhammad Ali during his interview this week and told of his deep regret at not taking an opportunity to meet the three-time world champion when under Ricky Hatton’s banner.

“I was supposed to be fighting and I was in training camp and I could’ve gone to Ricky Hatton’s gym to meet him,” said Quigg.

“I said I couldn’t because I’ve got to go running so I need to go home to bed and get a couple of hours sleep.

“It’s probably one of the biggest regrets that I have, to have the chance to meet an icon and a legend – I probably messed up on that one.”