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Home » Khan KO evokes memories of Hatton, hard to come back from

Khan KO evokes memories of Hatton, hard to come back from

The 29 year-old has come out fighting publicly since Canelo’s right hand laid Khan flat on his back, stirring up memories of Ricky Hatton’s similar loss to Manny Pacquiao in the same city back in 2009.

At the time, Hatton, 30, was around the same age as Khan and many thought he could come back from the defeat as one punch never usually tells the story of any fight. The truth is, Hatton went into a dark depression from the humiliation of being completely wiped out as the world watched and Khan could face a tough task to shake off the mental scars a knockout of this nature leaves on a fighter.

Worryingly, Khan is already naming opponents in Miguel Cotto, Manny Pacquiao and Danny Garcia during his two-day media offensive and it’s concerning how the former Olympic silver medallist is attempting brush his KO off so easilty.

Time away from the sport is what Khan needs right now to take stock of what has happened to him for the third time in his career, and not an immediate return this year against three opponents who all have the capacity to inflict a fourth. A December return at welterweight looks to be on the cards for Khan in the initial aftermath of his Canelo disappointment, although facing the top names in the division should be avoided at all costs.

Hopefully Khan will take a little longer to think over his options and maybe take a year out – as coming back at anywhere near the top level could be detrimental to his future in the sport.

Hatton made his return over three years on from the Pacquiao devastation, way too long to fully realize any further ambitions, whilst those around Khan maybe should ask him to consider stepping away for good after what has been a long and hard career since he turned pro at just 18.