Blueprint Boxing lauches, promises exciting fights consistently

Boxing industry veteran Macke Roberts proudly announces the launch of his newest business venture, Blueprint Boxing Promotions, a boxing promotion company created by a boxing fan for the boxing fans who want to see exciting fights.

Blueprint Boxing Promotions is looking to promote boxers who have a fan friendly boxing style that boxing fans love.

“I am passionate about the sport of boxing. For seventeen years I have paid my dues & learned the boxing business working behind the scenes with the best boxing promoters around the world. It’s a blessing from god to have this great opportunity. It’s always been a dream of mine to become a boxing promoter. One of my goals is to give boxing fans their monies worth by promoting exciting fights on a consistent basis.” said Macke Roberts, Global Operations Officer, Blueprint Boxing Promotions.

“Blueprint Boxing Promotions is looking forward to being a boxing industry leader & innovator in the global evolution of the pro boxing business. Blueprint Boxing Promotions will work closely with our strategic partners, corporate sponsors, television networks and business executives to create exciting world class boxing events that will increase live gate numbers, revenue and television ratings. “said Macke Roberts, Global Operations Officer, Blueprint Boxing Promotions.

Blueprint Boxing Promotions will be announcing soon upcoming live boxing events & the signing of world class boxers to its talent roster.

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