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MayPac II: The Hard Sell

Despite both fighters declaring their intention to stay away from trading blows to concentrate on family life and politics respectively, rumours of a second fight are consistently doing the rounds this week.

As Mayweather celebrates the 20th anniversary of his debut this year, and Pacquiao was unable to give his all in their original meeting back in May 2015, the general consensus is that another offering of ‘MayPac’ would be greatly received.

Pacquiao looked good in his comeback fight against Timothy Bradley last weekend, but whether that was enough to entice Mayweather out of his seven-month exile is anyone’s guess and all the coverage so far is just hearsay.

Fans still feel short changed by last year’s poor effort, which Mayweather for intents and purposes – dominated, and asking them to fork out another hundred bucks for the privilege of another pay-per-view clash could prove too much.

Breaking their record of generating almost $500 million for a single contest seems an impossible task as demand is not as high for ‘MayPac II’ following what transpired at the MGM Grand eleven months ago.

Mayweather would have to oversee a major publicity drive to stir up enough interest to charge another $99.95 or more for a Pacquiao return as most punters will believe another one-sided encounter would transpire.

A change in venue to stage the fight at the newly-built T-Mobile Arena could potentially help, and I personally would like to see the two go at it once again, but persuading another 4.4 million households to put their hands in their pockets could prove to be a different story.