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Home » Drew Brown gears up for delayed debut on April 23

Drew Brown gears up for delayed debut on April 23

The 19-year-old was devastated after his professional boxing debut, scheduled for Birmingham, was cancelled last month after several opponents were struck down with a virus.

Rather than let it get to him, Brown stayed focused and in the gym and was rewarded for his patience when he was told his debut would now take place in his hometown of Northampton later this month.

The teenage middleweight will now debut on Hatton Promotions’ ‘St George’s Day Clash’ show at The Deco on April 23; much to his delight.

“I cannot wait to fight in my home town,” Brown told “It should be a great atmosphere for my first fight and I have already sold a lot of tickets so I am hoping for a good home crowd to push me on.

“I train every day like I did before I was professional so the change in date for my fight didn’t make a difference. I have been training hard and getting the rounds in sparring so I am completely ready to go and I can’t wait to make my debut.

“When I was an amateur I did four two minute rounds and now I will be doing four three minutes so it isn’t too much different. I am always in good shape so adapting to the length will not be a problem at all.”

The youngster is determined to dedicate himself to the sport and is hoping all the salad and fruit he is eating as a professional will reap its rewards as he starts on a road that he hopes will lead to a Lord Lonsdale Belt, followed by world honours.

“I want to have the British belt in the next three years,” he added. “It will take a lot of hard work and dedication but I am completely motivated and ready to put the effort in to rise up the ranks as quickly as possible. I am fully focused on my first fight and from there I want to fight often and keep racking up the wins. If I do manage to get the British title then I would love to push on to the world stage.

“One change I have made as a professional is my diet. I am eating a lot better now than I did in the amateurs. I always ate healthy but now I have got rid of all the junk completely so no chocolate or anything! I am finding it fine though it doesn’t bother me because I love fruit and have always eaten healthy.”