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Home » KMG unable to confirm July 9 date for Fury v Klitschko II

KMG unable to confirm July 9 date for Fury v Klitschko II

World Boxing News contacted KMG in the wake of trainer Fury’s tweet confirmation on Friday morning, which was expected to be followed by an official announcement by Hennessy Sports.

No release was forthcoming by Fury’s promoter and now KMG’s media officer Nicola Pattberg has told WBN that they ‘can’t confirm’ the summer bout in Manchester which has now been widely reported by worldwide media.

The confusion adds more drama to the ongoing saga surrounding where and when these two top division brutes will share the ring again, although the running theme has always pointed to a UK venue.

Fury, 27, defeated Klitschko in November on German soil to take the unified belts and was immediately obliged to give the Ukrainian a second chance as stipulated in the pre-fight contract.

Following some down time on the back of his defining night, Fury is set to return to training in the coming weeks ahead what trainer and uncle Peter says will be a massive night ahead at Manchester Arena.

More is set to become apparent by early next week as Fury has been linked to fighting the winner of this weekend’s clash between Charles Martin v Anthony Joshua and the lineal champion will need to fulfil his commitment to Klitschko before even thinking of possibly regaining his IBF belt.