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Konstantin Airich drafted in at late notice for Adrian Granat

For Granat, the new opponents means a big change. Konstantin Airich was a very good amateur and fought as a professional boxer in 35 fights for eight international championships. His immense clout brought Airich nickname “The Sandman” as “He can put you in a long sleep with a single blow,” explains Granat’s coach Bülent Baser from EC-Boxing Team.

“Adrian was supposed to box against a less dangerous opponent. But after the cancellation, we decided to undertake Airich. The fight will be an initial assessment for Adrian.”

Granat’s promoter Erol Ceylan, from Hamburg EC Boxing Team, firmly believes in his heavyweights. “Adrian has only had eight pro fights but competed in sparring against the world champion Ruslan Chagaev. With a height of 2.03 meters and a fighting weight of 115 kilograms, we expect him to be an international sensation in the coming years. Konstantin Airich is the next level for Adrian.”

The fighter himself is happy about the opponent change. “I have trained up to eight weeks for this fight. To work more effectively I have moved from Sweden to Hamburg. Against Airich I’ll finally be able to show what I have been working on for the last few weeks, together with my coach Bülent Baser.”

ProTV transmits the fight between Adrian Granat and Konstantin Airich, although the fight will not go out live on German television. A live stream on the internet is available at gearbeitet.Hauptkämpfer and the main event is the heavyweight Christian Hammer boxing over 10 rounds against Sherman Williams.