Smith wants justice for Askew following ‘farcical ending’ to Taylor clash

“To say Darren was hard down by in New Zealand is an understatement,” Smith said.

“For the integrity of the WBU – this is a decision that needs to be overturned.

“A full investigation into the performance of the referee Dennis Enright on Saturday night needs to be undertaken.

“I have spoken to the WBU this morning and requested for a full investigation into Saturday night’s World title bout between Darren Askew and Anthony Taylor.

“I made an initial complaint with the WBU supervisor straight after the fight and I was told it would take at least one month for the video footage to be available.

“Well, that’s not good enough. I have requested the WBU either overturns the decision or orders a rematch within 90 days.

“If they rule in favour of a rematch I will promote it here in Toowoomba on October 31 on our Smithy & TGW bring the big fight’s 11 card.

“Saturday night was an injustice. Not only to Darren Askew but also to the integrity of the WBU.

“I’m confident when they review the fight they will see why Darren Askew should be the World champion – not Anthony Taylor,” Smith said.

In the Boxrec record books, it goes down as a 12th round TKO loss with the stoppage coming 2.23 into the final round. Ironically on Sunday morning under the result it also had the following wording ” Anthony Taylor was knocked down 5 times in the bout and suffered broken ribs.”

That description of the fight was removed from Boxrec by Monday morning.

“Darren boxed beautifully,” Smith said. “Darren recorded five official knockdowns in the bout.

“There was another two that were deemed slips.

“The counts from referee Dennis Enright were extremely slow – then following each knock down he spent further time talking to Anthony Taylor, then Darren before allowing the fight to continue.

“His actions would suggest he was doing everything in his power to get Taylor through the fight.

“The events between rounds 11 and 12 were farcical.

“Darren closed the show brilliantly at the back end of the eleventh.

“He dropped Taylor three times, the final time Dennis Enright counted for over twenty seconds.

“He killed the clock – saving Anthony Taylor.

“To start the twelfth Taylor didn’t want to continue – again referee Enright spoke to Taylor for over twenty seconds.

“It’s simple – Taylor didn’t answer the bell, therefore the fight should have been waved away.

“Instead of that he coaxed Taylor into the final round Darren jumped on him instantly dropped him, the towel came in but referee Enright ignored it.

“Threw it out and again gave an extremely slow count, stalled the fight and allowed it to continue.

“Darren dropped him again and after another very slow count the fight went on.

“Late in the round the two boys slugged it out – no disputing Anthony Taylor landed some good shots on Darren but to stop the fight then and there – it was disgusting.

“Taylor hit the canvas five times, didn’t want to answer the bell at the start of the twelfth and his corner threw in the towel and Mr Enright didn’t deem any of those actions worthy of stopping the bout.

“Then Taylor lands two to three good shots on Darren and that was enough to wave the fight away. What an absolute disgrace.

“We went to New Zealand to fight Anthony Taylor, we did that but we also had to fight the referee Dennis Enright and that’s just not right.

“It was a clear act of injustice against Darren Askew. This is a wrong that needs to be righted. The WBU must take action.

“Anyone who objectively watches the footage of the bout or was there on the night knows Darren Askew should’ve been the victor,” Smith said.

With Smith officially lodging an objection – what happens next is in the hands of the WBU.

“It’s simple – reverse the decision or order a rematch,” Smith said.

“I want to make this clear – we have nothing against Anthony Taylor or his team.

“It’s not their fault and Anthony has shown what a warrior he is.

“A lesser man would’ve stayed down but he kept climbing up off the canvas so full credit to him.

“Right now Anthony Taylor is sitting in New Zealand nursing broken ribs with a WBU World title to help ease the pain.

“It’s a belt that should be around Darren Askew’s waist.

“Darren pulled up so well he’s told me he will be back in the gym today to resume light training,” Smith said.

Darren Askew added: “I want a rematch more than anything.”

“I would love to do it on October 31 right here in Toowoomba.

“I don’t need any favours from the referee – just an honest and fair third man in the ring, which I know I will get in Queensland and I’ll take what’s rightfully mine.

“For the effort and sacrifice I put in to get this title shot – it’s a brutal slap in the face to have to deal with the hand I was dealt over the weekend.

“I proved I was a better man than Anthony Taylor and I’ll happily do it again.

“I have faith the WBU will wrong this right and when that opportunity comes I’ll take the belt I should already have,” Askew said.