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Mayweather wants Pacquiao fight to match magnitude of the event

‘Money’ has every intention of making the $100 PPV contest with his Filipino rival an entertaining one at the MGM Grand after admitting this weekend that some of his 47 bouts did not live up to the pre-fight hype.

“Everyone talks about the money, the money, the money,” Mayweather said after a training session in Las Vegas. “I want the fight to live up to the magnitude that it is. That’s what it is really about.

“It’s all about maturity. Everyone knows I built an empire by communicating in a certain way. But it was just business moves as far as communicating and talking on camera, doing what I needed to do by being flashy and flamboyant. I gave you the Pretty Boy Floyd persona and I came back and gave you the Money May persona. I built an empire and a strong team and did my job.”

Mayweather continued: “My mentality in the sport of boxing is to win first always but, of course, you always want to give people their money’s worth. There’s been fights I look at and say I’m not really pleased with that even though I won. We’re pushing ourselves extremely hard. If the fight was today I could go out and perform and look well.”

At 38, Mayweather is closing in on the final chapter of his career as some predict that a trilogy with Pacquiao could signal the end of one of the most impressive ring stints of all time.

The American needs three victories to surpass the great Rocky Marciano’s amazing 49-0 retirement record and has two fights left with current network Showtime. Putting on two repeats of their original deal shouldn’t be a problem if needed though, so all Mayweather has to do is deliver on his promise and there will be sufficient demand for a repeat…or even more.