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Floyd Mayweather: I don’t know who is next or if I’m fighting again

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Pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather has admitted that he is considering stepping away from the sport after his recent double victory over Argentinian hardman Marcos Maidana.

The 37-year-old, who improved his amazing record to 47-0 with two decision triumphs in Las Vegas this year, has instantly been linked to fights with Amir Khan and Manny Pacquiao, with father Floyd Sr. even going so far as to say he wants both clashes to happen next.

Mayweather didn’t react well to his dad’s comments in a recent interview with but threw a spanner in the works when stating that his career hangs in the balance with two fights still to run on his Showtime contract.

“I could care less what Amir Khan says, just like I could care less what anybody says. I going to do what I want to do when I want to and how I want to,” Mayweather told Ben Thompson.

“But I don’t know who I’m fighting next. I don’t even know if I’m fighting again. Like I told you, a lot of different crazy thoughts go through my mind every day. Sometimes I want to fight. Sometimes I don’t want to fight.

Floyd Mayweather vs Khan

“Listen, as I said before, he (Khan) still got Danny Garcia problems just like Pacquiao still got Marquez problems. So, you know, as I said before, they are still haunted by those fighters.

“When I fought Maidana, I said I can make the fight easy if I want to. I went out there and made it easy, and they complained again. It’s never good enough. Never good enough, but as long as I’m happy,” he added.

A date of May 2, 2015, is already set aside for ‘Money’ to attempt to close within one of Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record. However, suitable opponents for Mayweather are currently few and far between.

Besides Khan and Pacquiao, there is only really Danny Garcia, Kell Brook, or Keith Thurman at 147lbs that could hold a pay-per-view show with Mayweather – who could turn towards a shot at 160lb champion Miguel Cotto whom he defeated back in 2012.