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Shane Mosley reflects on Anthony Mundine loss, not planning boxing return

Mosley, who recently turned 43, last fought in November 2013 when losing to Australian Anthony ‘The Man’ Mundine via injury in a bout of contrasting weights, which represented the Californian’s first ever stoppage.

The three-weight world champion has admitted he underestimated how much the size difference between the two would ultimately have a bearing on the fight when Mosley originally accepted the contest at the Allphones Arena in Sydney.

“Anthony is 6 ft and I am 5’9, plus he normal fights two weight classes above me,” Mosley exclusively explained to World Boxing News.

“When we weighed in we were around the same weight (153lbs), but when we fought he was about 177lbs and I was no more than159 lbs. He used his height to come over the top of me and put his weight on me until my back gave out, so that is not a loss I really feel.

“My body frame is built for the weight classes I have been a champion in (most recently welterweight) and going up that much in weight I would not be in optimal position to give the best performance at that level.

“That is why I wouldn’t need a rematch with him since he isn’t really in my weight class and I really only took that fight because I wanted to stay busy. I just didn’t count on his size being a factor,” he said.

On whether he has any plans to seek out a big name encounter back down at his proper weight of 147lbs, Mosley pointed out that only a handful of challenges would interest him as he enters the final stage of his career.

“Right now, I am not planning to return to boxing at this time, but you never know,” explained Mosley. “If the right opportunity presented itself and the public wanted a fight, I may consider it.

“If I was going to fight again and could choose the opponent myself, the only fighters who I think could give me a run for my money are Mayweather, Pacquio, and Marquez.

“At the end of the day I am a champion, so I don’t take my legitimate (Mosley emphasizes the world legitimate) losses easy and would only want to prove myself against the best out there.”

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