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Kubrat Pulev: If Klitschko is clean why won’t he get tested?

The 33 year-old gave a candid interview to WBN last month in which he outlined details of the drug testing policy (as he sees it) which is currently in place for his clash with the four-belt champion.

The undefeated puncher has since seen Klitschko delay the contest due to a bicep injury, but that hasn’t stopped Pulev from again calling for a change in testing, along with questioning whether the ailment suffered by ‘Dr. Steelhammer’ and other heavyweights recently were genuine.

“My opinion is that these aren’t real injuries. This is done as an excuse for the game to be postponed because of poor preparation or not feeling ready,” Pulev exclusively told World Boxing News.

Ask whether he thought Klitschko’s hefty sparring schedule, against the likes of young buck Anthony Joshua, played a part in the injury, Pulev added: “I don’t really care who he is sparing with.

“It is important for me that he goes through doping test during his training and to be controlled because he is still the face of an anti-doping campaign.

“I was tested 3 times in 10 days and I will continue insisting on having equal doping tests for everybody and Klitschko to go through (at least) one. I think that if Klitschko refuses to be tested during his training it will mean that he is taking forbidden stimulants.

“If he is clean why wouldn’t he get tested? Why is he trying to make other people look foolish and not understand his games?”

Pulev has been mandatory with the International Boxing Federation since his May 2012 victory over Alexander Dimitrenko, and after learning the fight would be delayed from September 6 to November 15, the fighter wants assurances that it won’t happen again.

“I think that if the IBF are such a serious federation they will give him an ultimatum on whether to fight or to vacate the world title,” Pulev said. “I have been waiting for two years for this fight. I am an official contender and it is my right to fight for this title.

“I am confused if there are rules in world boxing and if they are applicable for Wladimir Klitschko. Is he the boss of IBF? Is he the boss of the antidoping agency? Why is he not getting tested? And how much longer am I going to wait for this game to happen for that title?

“I am training very hard and in the end somebody is making fun of my hard work. Boxing is now a game of politics, games and manipulations. Someone is making up rules as they go and everybody has to comply.

“When will Klitschko stop insulting boxers, boxing fans and boxing as a sport?”

Finally, Pulev was asked if he had considered taking another fight or even a warm-up bout upon learning of his extra nine-week wait to finally share the ring with Klitschko, before answering: “I won’t be having any. I will continue with my training and I will concentrate completely on fighting Wladimir Klitschko.”

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