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Kevin Satchell and manager Neil Marsh discuss European title chance

The 25 year-old, who is undefeated in twelve bouts since turning pro in 2010, has been manoeuvred into the mandatory spot with the EBU by manager Neil Marsh and now hopes to capitalise on the opportunity.

“I had a meeting with my manager Neil Marsh and my coaches Paul and Mick Stephenson at the Everton Red Triangle club too discuss my next move and I was given three options,” Satchell told World Boxing News.

“Firstly, I could go after Juan Carlos Reveco, the Argentine world champion, which would have meant travelling to Buenos Aries. Second would be going after the European championship or the third option was a rematch with Iain Butcher.

“Obviously, I wanted a world title so I chose that, but going for the European first makes a lot of sense to me as the Reveco deal didn’t stack up. To fight for a world title would be immense, but once Neil worked at getting me positioned at number one with the EBU, there was no way I was not taking the fight.

“I have deservedly won and defended my British and Commonwealth titles many times and would have liked to win the British title outright against Butcher in a second fight, but unfortunately or maybe fortunately, whichever way you look at it, I got injured and this gave Neil more time too work at getting me this chance against Valery Yanchy.

“Once Neil, Mick and Paul knew we had a chance of getting the European fight, they travelled to Milan to watch the fight between Yanchy and Andrea Sarritzu and scouted both as possible opponents. They all came back happy with the findings of their trip, and within a week or so, the news came through I was now mandatory to fight the winner.

“I am grateful to my manager as he has worked so hard to get me this opportunity and the attention to detail from him and my coaches is unbelievable. For them all to spend time away from home for me is pure class and I am lucky to have such a great team behind me.

“My promoter Frank Warren is in negotiations to agree terms for a Liverpool date and if we can’t reach it, he is putting in a purse bid which I’m confident he will win and get me home advantage.

“I feel privileged to have his backing for what will be the biggest night of my life and I guarantee that I will become European champion in my home city.”

Manager Marsh is delighted to have secured such a big challenge for his fighter at this relatively early stage of his career, but was weary of the threat that veteran Yanchy poses to his young prospect.

“Kevin has worked very hard too earn this shot and I’m so lucky too manage such a level-headed young man,” Marsh emphasized to WBN.

“I gave him the three options he mentioned and Kev being Kev, he said yes to them all with no hesitation! That shows me a true fighter and that there is no fear in the kid.

“I just felt it was time to push him on from British level and the chance to become the first Liverpudlian in many years to win a European champion was too good too refuse. A lot of work as been done too make this happen and to see how happy Kevin is makes it all worth while.

“I would also like too thank Mick and Paul from the Red Triangle as they have given me their full support in the pursuit of this and to travel too Milan with me was a show of commitment which I appreciated as I wanted to have their input on Kevin’s possible opponents. These two coaches work extremely hard and deserve credit for what they do and sacrifice for their fighters.

“Kevin now faces a tough job as his opponent Yanchy is 36 years old and one very hard man! He is originally from Belarus where they have a tradition of producing solid champions, so this is not an easy fight.

“Kevin will have to show all his attributes to take the title, but I firmly believe it is one that he is fully ready for. We look forward to securing the final details of the fight in the near future,” he added.

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