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Home » ‘The Moment’ Carl Froch and George Groves shook hands (photos)

‘The Moment’ Carl Froch and George Groves shook hands (photos)

Animosity has been rife since the two first decided to share a ring last year, resulting in a toe-to-toe clash in November that ended controversially in the ninth round at Manchester’s Phones 4U Arena.

The pair are set to do it all again in a massive 80,000 capacity rematch at Wembley Stadium at the end of this month, and after a certain amount of needle began proceedings, Froch and Groves decided to shake hands and make up last Thursday.

Parted by promoter Eddie Hearn to avoid any punches being thrown before the first bell, Froch and Groves discussed their impending return, before it was suggested that the pair let bygones be bygones leading to an awkward clasp of hands.

It may not mean the two are set to become best friends, but it’s a start, as Hearn is keen to avoid any further headlines and wants the boxing match itself to speak above a tit-for-tat war of words.

The two-belt world title fight sold out in a day so didn’t need any extra push from the fighters, as the focus switches to the start of the proceedings for what is set to be an intriguing fight week, which is now just three weeks away.

Froch v Groves 2 is live on Sky Box Office HD from 7pm on May 31, to subscribe visit Pictures courtesy of Sky Sports Stills.