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Home » Peter Fury: Eddie Chambers to fight this weekend, he’s now 100kg of solid muscle!

Peter Fury: Eddie Chambers to fight this weekend, he’s now 100kg of solid muscle!

The 31 year-old has been training for the past two months with Peter Fury and the rest of Team Fury after returning to the top weight class on the back of a failed attempt at cruiserweight last August.

Chambers entered a strict regime under Fury and has undergone a remarkable transformation that the renowned heavyweight coach believes can turn ‘Fast Eddie’ into a solid contender in the division once again.

“We have made a lot of changes with Eddie, but they were more mentally focused and it has definitely made him stronger,” Fury told World Boxing News.

“With regards to his condition, I believe he has improved tenfold. Eddie came to me on the 13th of January and his body weight was 14st 2lbs, but now he’s around 100kilos of solid muscle and has a body fat of just 9%.

“In the gym he’s coming along nice, but to gauge properly where he is at I need to see how he performs this Saturday when he fights. On what I have viewed so far I’d say he’s got ability to be a champion.”

The obvious question that Peter has been asked since he took Chambers under his wing is the possibility of a future fight with his nephew Tyson Fury, although any chances of that were quickly dismissed.

“Eddie will not fight Tyson and it’s not something we ever see happening,” said Fury.

“What I will say is that Eddie is keen on fighting any UK heavyweight as he prepares to step up for a title at some point later on this year.

“He’s not ready for that title just yet as I see still things he has to work on, but overall I’m happy with Eddie’s progress up to now.”

The opponent for Chambers’ bout on the Stuart Hall v Martin Ward world title card in Newcastle this Saturday will be Tomas Mrazek, with the fight taking place over six rounds.

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