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Home » Anthony Mundine wants April return, plans to make July Erislandy Lara offer

Anthony Mundine wants April return, plans to make July Erislandy Lara offer

The 38 year-old, who has beaten Shane Mosley and Gunnar Jackson in his last two outings, is fixated on claiming a chance at one of the biggest names out there before his career winds down and is willing to go through current champion Erislandy Lara to get there.

“My plan is still to try become 154lb WBA champion, so if Lara is the champ then that is the fight we will go for,” Mundine told World Boxing News on Wednesday.

“I think the prospect of that fight is exciting for the fans and myself as Lara is world class and very well rounded and respected fighter.

“I will fight again in April and then if we can reach common ground with Lara’s team as far as the money goes then I would like to go for the title in July.”

Mundine is ready to make a step up from his recent one-sided win over New Zealander Jackson and plans to make a lucrative offer to Lara. ‘Choc’ also stated that he has no problem in travelling to the United States for any possible fight, as long as the terms of the deal are right for all concerned.

“The only thing that can stop this fight from happening in July is the money,” explained Mundine. “We will offer them a great deal but if they get greedy it won’t happen.

“If the worst happens, then we will look at getting the mandatory position, hopefully in the April fight, which a victory would then mean a Lara fight will go to a purse bid.

“At this stage I’m investing in my career as I lost big money with Mosley in my last big fight so I can’t keep losing money. We will offer them the best deal we can within reason and try make it happen. Everybody thinks we got the big money down here on lock, but that ain’t the case.

“So God willing we can reach an agreement because I would love to test my skills against a great champion of today. I believe on my day I can beat anybody, so I hope we can make it happen for the fans and myself.

“I would like it to be in Australia, but if we can’t for some reason I’d fight Lara anywhere,” he added.

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