Pacquiao: Mayweather is a coward, to make a trilogy we first must fight!

Former pound for pound number one Manny Pacquiao has launched an passionate tirade at current king Floyd Mayweather Jr. as both continue to play cat and mouse over a potential pay-per-view mega-fight.

The 35 year-old was speaking to The Manila Times via a DZAR Sunshine Radio phone patch on Thursday night whilst in the midst of mulling over his next opponent and believes that Mayweather is making excuses not to face him.

“(Mayweather) is just a coward, insecure and envies my accomplishments,” said Pacquiao

“I don’t like to bite his gimmicks and I just want to understand him, although (sometimes) it’s too much. But I’m really thankful that he always remembers me in some ways.”

Mayweather, 36, has used the fact that he will never work with Bob Arum as the main reason for the fight not happening yet, although Pacquiao went on to say that the Top Rank boss has agreed to stay out of talks in the past to no avail.

“Top Rank already allowed us to directly negotiate with them (Mayweather’s team) before, but they never communicated with us,” he pointed out before further emphasizing his desire to make the fight. “Mayweather Jr. is saying a lot of negative things against me but he doesn’t like to fight. We will consider everything but until now, they don’t like to fight.

“At the same time, people are saying the fight between us needs a trilogy, but how can it be possible if he’s not going to fight me the first (time),” added Pacquiao.

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