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Smith confirms Katsidis is open to fights abroad on road to world title

The Australian duo reached significant heights the first time around when hitting the bright lights of Las Vegas to compete with the likes of Juan Manuel Marquez until eventually going their separate ways in 2011.

Since then, Smith has concentrated on expanding his Toowoomba gym, whilst Katsidis has struggled with inactivity, injuries and the tragic loss of his brother, Stathi.

Coming into a New Year though, Smith did not hesitate when Katsidis sought out a reconciliation and sees no reason why the two can’t head back to top once more.

“Michael approached me to discuss reuniting and I agreed, so here we are,” Smith told World Boxing News.

“I am happy we are back together and I am going to do the best job I can to try and help guide Michael’s career to where it should be.”

Katsidis, 33, built himself a road warrior reputation by travelling to the UK and US to meet some of the best talent on offer on both sides of the Atlantic and Smith says both countries are being considered, along with new destinations for the proposed continuation of that philosophy.

“The US and the UK are countries that have been very good to Michael and he is well loved and respected in both,” said Smith.

“Michael’s backyard is the world, not just Australia, so other countries like Japan and China are of interest to us also.

“His willingness to travel has always been what has made Michael unique. He can fight and perform anywhere. He is well known and loved in every country and we absolutely believe a world title is possible in the future,” he added.

A return date is currently being looked at on March 14 at Rumours International in his hometown of Toowoomba as Katsidis aims for a first win since a 2011 stoppage win over Michael Lozada.

It’s been eight years since Katsidis was last cheered to victory on his own doorstep and right now seems like the most logical first step towards his long-term goal of getting back in the mix.

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