Floyd Mayweather prepares to expose the hype once again

Phil Jay 03/09/2013

The greatest fighter of his generation Floyd Mayweather Jr. has heard it all before as yet another touted pretender to his throne is put forward for a huge Las Vegas match-up in just over a weeks’ time.

These days, it only takes Mayweather’s name to be on the bill and the main event is already the biggest fight of the year, although this time, even the promoters are backing the fighter in the opposite corner in Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

At 23, the Mexican superstar has bulldozed his way through some good-to-soft tests throughout his career, but is yet to really be proven to the maximum against a seasoned top level operator like Mayweather.

Granted that names like Shane Mosley and Carlos Baldomir are safe for padding a record, with the question to be asked whether Alvarez really did show enough in out-pointing the unheralded Austin Trout last time to unify the titles.

Alvarez has took apart some worthy challengers so far, although has never come up against a man at the top of his game like Mayweather is and I believe that Golden Boy should have waited a couple more years before sealing this fight.

CEO Oscar De La Hoya is convinced ‘Canelo’ will win, but probably knew that now was as good a time as any to get the two together – with Mayweather’s career on the verge of taking a downward curve.

That said, Mayweather showed against Robert Guerrero that he can make almost any fight look a lot easier than it really is and at the moment I am not sure whether Alvarez has the tools and ring craft to execute a plan to topple the pound for pound king.

Guerrero was touted to have the capabilities to put Floyd under pressure he has never felt before, hype that seems to go with the PPV territory of late, and Mayweather answered all those questions emphatically last May.

A points win is the obvious choice for most predictors of the September 14 MGM clash, with Mayweather himself eyeing an explosive stoppage win as the American bids to test the chin of Alvarez like nobody has before.

Bold words from Floyd, but I doubt he can pull that off with his recent knockout record of two in seven years and I will have to go with type and say a five or six point swing will see Mayweather win unanimously next week.

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