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Home » Fury keeps promise to ‘Trafford’s Frank Sinatra’ for Haye walkout

Fury keeps promise to ‘Trafford’s Frank Sinatra’ for Haye walkout

Fury, 24, tackles former world heavyweight champion David Haye on September 28 at Manchester Arena in the fight of his life and will allow the man known as ‘Trafford’s Frank Sinatra’ to perform his entrance music.

Explaining the details of the promise made by fledgling pro Tyson in 2009, Devlin told local newspaper Messenger: “It was shortly after his second fight as a professional when he came to see me perform at the Trafford Centre,” stated Wayne. “He said that when he hits the big time he wants me to sing his entrance song, and, true to his word, he’s chosen me in the biggest fight of his career.

“The Fury family are very close and very loyal and they have given me a chance to sing on a massive stage. My only thoughts are to do my best for them and I’m not thinking about launching something on the back of this.”

Undefeated former British and Irish champion Fury has been known to hold a note or two himself in the ring in recent times after taking to the microphone in the wake of his US debut win over Steve Cunningham and Devlin will now get the chance to hold the same feeling as the fighter in front of a capacity crowd in the autumn.

Tickets are still available for Haye v Fury and can be purchased by clicking the tickets button on the WBN top menu.