Bradley vents frustrations with Arum on drug testing for Marquez

WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley has come out against the use of Nevada State Athletic Commission testing for his fight with Juan Manuel Marquez in October, despite the fact that promoter Bob Arum’s wants to use the body for the Las Vegas bout.

Bradley, 29, and 39 year-old Marquez have been keen to use the regular VADA or USADA testing for the Thomas and Mack Center clash, with either failing to agree on which of the two should be obtained in the run up the title match-up.

Due to this, Arum offered to pay the NSAC out of his own pocket to draft them in to oversee testing procedures, although ‘Desert Storm’ has not taken to the idea and has expressed his feelings accordingly this weekend.

“I understand that everyone is talking about the drug testing of this fight,” said Bradley. “However, I have a contract that states that both VADA and USADA will be doing the drug testing for both camps and that’s what it will be.

“I did not agree to anything else and that was a deciding factor to making this fight happen. I have yet to make any changes to my fight contract regardless of what is said.”

Arum is yet to comment on the situation regarding who takes the responsibility of keeping tabs on the fighters and may now have a problem convincing Bradley to come around to his way of thinking.