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Home » Lo Greco admits failings against Porter, contemplates future at 147

Lo Greco admits failings against Porter, contemplates future at 147

The Canadian had racked up a 25-0 record prior to the Porter bout, but did show signs in his last fight that he may have taken his eye off the ball as journeyman Daniel Sostre dropped him in the first round – before Lo Greco came back to win.

At the time, the 28 year-old told WBN that he found it hard to get motivated for those type of opponents and was relishing the opportunity to take on someone in ‘Showtime’ Porter’s ilk. Lo Greco ultimately came unstuck against Porter though with the judges returned with one-sided scores and now knows he has a hard road back to where he stood before the contest.

Lo Greco, known as ‘The Italian Sensation,’ now believes he has to sit down with his team and make some important decisions before he can shake off the defeat and knuckle down to putting things right in his next outing.

“Porter was a good opponent and good speed, along with good movement, but I could of and should of done more when I know I have the tools,” Lo Greco admitted to World Boxing News.

“I gave the fight away in a nutshell and he executed his plan. At this level it’s all about that and I did not execute my plan.

“I congratulate him on his win, but he will see me again down the line as you always want to revenge your loss if you are a competitor.”

When asked whether he is now thinking over a move up to the 154lb light-middleweight division, Lo Greco stated: “It is a possibility, but I have to talk to my team.

“I might still hang on in the 147 division as I have been at this weight since I was 16. Although it is only getting harder making weight and it does effect they way you compete.

“Saying that, it did not effect me on Saturday as I wasn’t tired at all. I felt fresh, but I just did not do what I was told.

“I’ll let my manager handle whatever is next, but I do want fight the best. I love competitive fights and I want to compete in order to achieve my goal. You have to continue to get in with the best and that’s what I strive for.

“I am my own worst critic so I know I let myself and a lot of other people down, but I also know that I will come back stronger.”