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Home » Tyson: I really sucked on Holyfield’s ear, it tasted disgusting

Tyson: I really sucked on Holyfield’s ear, it tasted disgusting

The 46 year-old, who was once the most feared fighter on the planet, infamously bit off part of Holyfield’s anatomy in frustration as he was on the way to a defeat in 1997, and was asked what the flavour of the severed was in a recent interview with

“I really sucked (on the ear) and stuff. Cause if you watch the fight, as soon as I did it I spit it right out, instantaneously like. It was really disgusting,” Told ABC’s Liz Neporent.

Tyson and Holyfield have since become friends years after the incident and even joked about it on social media site Twitter when ‘The Real Deal’ was promoting his new range of sauces with the help of his old adversary.

“Holyfield gave me some of his barbeque sauce because he’s a barbeque guy. And I was telling him his ear would have tasted a lot better if he used some of that barbeque sauce.”.

The ex-boxer, who is now a working movie star in his own right, then went on to explain his new diet in detail after losing almost 150lbs since following a strict regime and eating plan championed by his wife.

“My wife who was not my wife at the time, she changes her diet all the time. I says, ‘what is this you’re doing?’ And she says, ‘I’m eating vegan for a month or two weeks.’ Well, I said that’s what I’m going to do too, I want to do that. Cause I was just eating things without even figuring out what they are. And that’s how I’ve been for four and a half years,” said Tyson.

“(Now) I may get up in the morning and do an hour of cardio. I do StairMaster or treadmill or TreadClimber for an hour and then I go to the gym around 7:30 and ride the bike for an hour and do my ab exercises, my chest and my light weights. Then I start it over again the next morning.

“Because I am a fat kid. If I don’t continue to watch my diet and exercise and take care myself I balloon to a lot of weight. I’ve always been a fat kid. I was 380 and now I weigh 240.”