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Trout talks Canelo, Mayweather and sealing legacy at 160

The undefeated 27 year-old raised his stock considerably by out-pointing the Puerto Rican legend and sees ‘Canelo’ as an even tougher obstacle to overcome on April 20 in Texas.

“Alvarez is most definitely a greater challenge for me,” Trout told World Boxing News. “He is undefeated and that means there is no real blueprint on how to beat him. He’s young, faster and stronger than Cotto.

“I know the odds say that I am the underdog, but I don’t feel like that personally. I feel Alvarez hasn’t had the tests to prove himself yet, even though he does have the potential to be a pound for pound contender.”

Alvarez, 22, has had a much-publicised run since turning professional at the tender age of 15, with his unbeaten 42-fight much-lauded by some and questioned on the lack of big names by others. The Mexican has a rock star-like following in his native country and Trout was quick to defend the young WBC champion from those who see Alvarez as over-hyped.

“I would not necessarily say Alvarez is overhyped, I just think that he is just overloved and there is nothing wrong with that. Saying that though, it won’t help him when we fight and I will be the one with my hand raised at the final bell, which ever round that ends up.”

‘No Doubt’ has been consistently linked to a fight with the ‘super’ champion to his own title, Floyd Mayweather Jr. since his big Cotto win and Trout admits that ‘Money’ could be a fight in his future, along with a possible move up to middleweight.

“I am not even thinking as far ahead as a fight with Floyd in the future,” said Trout. “But after beating Canelo, I see little options to move forward so Floyd would be one of those considered.

When quizzed further on whether he could see himself in with the likes of Sergio Martinez or Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. after a move-up in weight, Trout continued: “Most definitely, I think fights at 160 against the likes of those fighters will be imperative to my legacy.”