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Peter Fury: Tyson is good for boxing, the media get what they want

According to trainer and uncle Peter Fury, who has a close relationship with Tyson as they prepare for a world title shot, the 24 year-old is just giving his honest opinion in making some of the remarks he has in the past, before being turned on by the media in some quarters once he answers their inquiries.

In a recent podcast with Sky Sports, outspoken Fury gave Price, Wladimir and Vitali both barrels once again after appearing via a phone conversation, but has been roundly criticised in the wider media since for speaking his mind – when asked his thoughts on all three possible opponents.

“My view is that Tyson is despondent with most media and just let’s loose without really thinking too much,” Peter Fury exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I’ve not heard all the podcast, but Tyson is his own man and will say as he pleases and I have no input into his comments. At the end of the day, Ed Robinson thanked me for the interview and if Tyson’s views offend people I cannot fix it.

“I also think that the many Interviewers ask questions hoping for the answers they receive and Tyson plays along with it as Mr. Bad Guy.”

Fury has always been media-accessible since he burst onto the scene in 2008, with some of his more recent behaviour attracting the wrong kind of headlines as his reputation soars. His rant live on Channel 5 late last year was one of the incidents that have been raised, although Peter Fury is adamant that sport is a better place for having a colourful character like his nephew in it.

“Tyson is good for boxing as he can speak his feelings and is a personality for the sport and there are not many of those.

“There’s always going to be a down side and some will be offended, but on the whole it’s getting the heavyweight division in the spotlight,” he added.