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Sex-change Mike Tyson story taken literally

Certain sites, which WBN will not name, specifically write untrue stories to gain notoriety and cover their own tracks on slander by adding a tiny small-print at the bottom of the article, which can easily be missed.

This was certainly the case when an impossible story of former world heavyweight champion Tyson undergoing a sex-change operation, which included ‘comments’ by the newly-proud female Mike, was mistaken by reputable sites as genuine.

Tyson even made a point of clearing up questions asked by baffled reporters from Africa and Aisa in particular, who unbelievably ran with the story as if it had actually gone ahead and the former fighter was now a female.

It just goes to show that celebrities in this digital and internet age are never safe from this type of deception, now matter how big or small, and some news stations should take a look at themselves for being caught out by such a ludicrous story as this.